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1st September 2014

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Dear August,

-Thanks, I guess. I’ve really been able to feel the summer holiday rhythm. And I just spelled that crazy word correctly.

-A brand new year, study wise, starts tomorrow and I feel really ready for it. Even though I’m going to a new place for a few months - that does make me a little nervous, but also excited. Not going to say “to meet new people” because I hate the expression. As if new, and more, is always preferable.

-So what did I do? The figuring out stuff about volunteering didn’t go quite as planned because the person in charge is apparently on some very long holiday. But it’s still on my to do-list.

-My mum and I transformed a garden bench together - which means painting it - and I really like how it turned out. I also painted a small side table. It was a somewhat slow process (we used a lot of different colours for the bench) but also rewarding.

-We also took care of the neighbours’ cats while they were away. Those were some pretty sad cats because they had to stay inside the whole time while they’re usually out all day. I sang Regina Spektor songs along with my phone to recreate their noisy household for them. And cleaned up some pretty disgusting stuff but oh well.

-I’ve also started to cook a bit more often. It’s weird. It’s one aspect where I can still learn something straightforward from my parents. The times when they could help me do my homework are over, but I still have this. And on the other hand, it’s bringing me one step closer to moving out. Actually, every day is bringing me closer to moving out, even if I don’t really know when it’s going to happen.

-Less fun side of this month: I broke my phone. And I felt really bad about it the first few days, before I could send it off for repair. Here I am, with a fair(er) smartphone that I had been waiting for for months when it finally arrived in December of last year. I cherish the thing and drop it on the floor once - bam, gone is the touch screen functionality. That was a case of bad luck. I haven’t got it back yet, so that’s one reason to look forward to September, but I’ve also already adjusted to living with my old phone again.

-Books. I’ve read a few. First of all, Invisible Hands - Voices of the Global Economy, a non-fiction collection of stories from people who are/were involved with production processes in all parts of the world, from mines to clothing factories. This is a subject that is really dear to me and it’s a great (read: frustrating) collection. It’s made me curious about the other Voices of Witness books. I’ve also read Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig, after reading a fragment of it in The Society of the Crossed Keys. You can totally see how Wes Anderson was inspired for his latest movie. And, well, I just enjoyed reading it in general.

-TV: The Wire. I’ve just started season two, but man, that season one finale - the song Step by Step will be in my head for a long while, I hope.

-The Leftovers is almost over, so that’s good. So ready to stop watching that, even though I liked the previous episode.

-I also just watched Mad Men - The Suitcase yesterday. Eeeep. It’s weird to watch this weeks after Masters of Sex - Fight while they aired four years apart.

-Okay, I think it’s time for some sleep soon. First day at the new courses tomorrow, so..

-Resolutions for September: Get a case for that damn (lovely) phone.. talk to the person who surely can’t be on holiday forever.

-See you next year, August. I’ll have a bachelor’s degree by then. And be twenty-one. Oh well let’s not think about that.

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30th August 2014


I just realized that the Mad Men episode that I will watch is The Suitcase and oh god I’ve heard that title come up so often, I’m pretty excited!

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28th August 2014

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Happy National Dog Day! 
Photograph by Sam Jones. 

Can I sit next to you?


Happy National Dog Day! 

Photograph by Sam Jones. 

Can I sit next to you?

23rd August 2014

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22nd August 2014

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Peggy Olson is pretty much my dream woman in this episode. She zips around an empty room on a motorcycle! She gets excited about a drinking bird! She always seems slightly uncomfortable, even as she knows she’s the best person ever! I want a Peggy Olson action figure.

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21st August 2014

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I first heard about the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon last week, when I was watching the A to Z pilot. And today my dad watched a film about the Baader-Meinhof group! It’s almost as if it’s everywhere, all of a sudden. So meta.

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19th August 2014

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‘Rectify’ renewed for third season | EW →


Some very good news! There will be a third season of Rectify. According to Deadline, the season will have six episodes.

Rectify is renewed! That’s the best TV news I’ve heard in a while. This show is terrific. Speaking of TV…

…I know that shows can grow on you. For example, I was not really sold on Enlightened until episode three or something. And I’ve just started watching The Wire, and I found it quite difficult to truly get into it. But, in both cases, sticking with them was very rewarding.

With The Leftovers, I’m basically experiencing the opposite. I was very impressed by the pilot (aka it made me cry), and episode 3 was great, so I was pretty sure the season was not going to disappoint me. But it really did, and by now I’m just finishing the season because I’m a bit of a completist, but I’ll honestly be glad when it’s over.

It’s great to find a new show that you like and I’m looking forward to continuing with The Wire. But I’ve also tried a bunch of shows that I ultimately didn’t feel sufficiently excited about - Switched at Birth, The IT Crowd and Justified. I’m not saying I could not see the appeal of them at all, but I just felt more exciting to try something else than to continue with those. And Netflix, among other things, has made that especially easy.

Between the Dutch and the American Netflix catalogue, these are some of the shows I’d like to give a try in the future: Buffy, Undeclared, My So-Called Life, Terriers, The Spiral, The Thick of It, Love/Hate, United States of Tara, Portlandia. See? There’s so much out there that I might love. Create your own golden age of television, guys!

If that Netflix list includes a show that you particularly love, will you tell me?

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19th August 2014

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I realized that there was no point in denying oneself a pleasure because it was denied another, in refusing to allow oneself to be happy because someone else was unhappy. I realized that all the time one was laughing and cracking silly jokes, somewhere in the world someone was lying at the point of death; that misery was lurking, people starving, behind a thousand windows; that there were such things as hospitals, quarries and coal-mines; that in factories, in offices, in prisons countless thousands toiled and moiled at every hour of the day, and that it would not relieve the distress of a single human being if yet another were to torment himself needlessly.
— Stefan Zweig, Beware of Pity

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14th August 2014

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Alexis Persani puts clothes on the sculptures of the museum   

The way forward

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12th August 2014

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What You Don’t Know About Depression


Here are the things no one tells you about (chronic) depression.

  • It is incurable. Once you’re diagnosed, that’s something you’ll be dealing with for the rest of your life. It can be managed, it can be molded, but it cannot be cured. For most people, depression is a sine wave. You will go up, you will feel happy, hell you’ll feel “normal” and it will be wonderful. Things will be easier and life will be manageable. But there will be another valley. There is always another valley. And that’s okay. Because there’s always another peak, so long as you can hold on.
  • It is boring. It’s so boring. You spend so much time numb that feelings seem like a foreign language to you. I find myself avoiding things I know under normal circumstances I would enjoy because I don’t want to ruin them forever with the taint of my malaise. You’ll play games you’ve already played, read books you’ve already read, stare at the ceiling and contemplate how much effort it would take to move your sorry carcass to another room and attempt to make something of your day before falling asleep midthought. Don’t worry. Your dreams will be full of anxious scenarios from your past, so it’s less rest and more draining unconsciousness, making you more than ready for your next nap in 4 hours.
  • It is not a selfish disease. This one may surprise you. You hear a lot about how people who suffer from depression or commit/attempt suicide are selfish for not thinking about how much pain their actions are causing others but that could not be farther from the truth. See, people who are suicidal can often only think of others. All they can see is how much of a burden they are on the people that love them. That their inability to function in the most basic of ways costs the people around them time and money and love and worry and they are eaten alive by the guilt of causing pain to the people they love. When people commit suicide it is because they have reached a point that they cannot see a better way out of the current situation for anyone involved. They know their actions will cause pain but see it as a better option than the alternative.
  • It is not a lonely disease. Oh, how I wish it were. It would be one thing if depression were merely about being isolated and disconnected from the world at large. But that’s not entirely accurate. There have been many nights that I’ve laid in bed and prayed (and I’m agnostic) for the peace that comes with solitude but it never came. Because depression is a prison sentence, that much is true but while we’re locked in the cell that our mind has become, we have a cellmate. That cellmate is the worse than the worst bully you’ve ever known. They’re cruel and inhuman. They are your sworn enemy, your nemesis, your final level boss. And they know all of your deepest, darkest secrets. They know every insecurity you have. They know all your secret hurts and fears. And all they live to do is exploit them. And when you’re depressed, you are never alone. You live in your cell, with your cellmate all hours, every day. Whether you’re surrounded by people or all alone, whether you’re asleep or awake, your cellmate is there and they are pushing and they are picking and they are wearing you down. There is no peace.
  • You can die from depression. You can. Most people think of suicide as a choice, as something that could have been avoided. People think that if someone would have known or said something or medications had been different or different doctors had been seen that tragedy would have been avoided and everyone would have been better off. But depression is a disease. It is incurable and inoperable. And as you live on its sine wave, the constant roiling up and down, no matter how much you get used to it, it does eat away at you. As high as the highs are, the lows always take a piece of you. When it recurs, your heart breaks a little more, because no matter who you are, you are certain that you had beaten it this time. As you age, you get tired, and as you move through life you have successes and happinesses and fulfillments that you were always sure would be enough to stave off the darkness for good but that was always more than your body would allow. Sometimes people die from depression because their bodies, their minds, their hearts, they just couldn’t take anymore. And that’s sad. But that’s okay. Because people can only withstand what they can withstand and to ask them to do more isn’t fair. We wouldn’t, shouldn’t, do it of victims of cancer or AIDS, we should grant our victims of longterm mental illness such release.
  • There is honor among the ill. The depressed can sense each other. We find each other. We see the sadness someone carries with them and we feel comfortable reaching out. It is a singular, dehumanizing condition that allows us all to feel inhuman together. It also grants us a fearful understanding when one of our own chooses to end their journey voluntarily. We recognize the tragedy and feel the keen sting of loss. But we also wince with the familiar yen to be off the roller coaster for good and are grateful that our brother in arms can, if nothing else, find greater peace in the void beyond. It is uncomfortable to understand the decision to end one’s life and it is perhaps reprehensible to support a person making that choice but when you’ve come so close to the edge you understand how much pain can blur the edges between black and white.
  • You can survive depression. You can live with it. You can embrace it as a part of yourself. You can acknowledge it as a part of your unique makeup, understanding that it may cripple you but that it doesn’t have to paralyze you, not forever. You can fight it. You can find a way through it. And there are people who are out there who can help you, who want to help you, find a path to peace. There is time and there is opportunity and there is joy and there is laughter and there is a way back to all of it for all of us.

Your depression may kill you. It may. But it certainly doesn’t have to be today.

In case anyone needs this right now. Solid piece by someone I really look up to.

11th August 2014

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Halikha LeKasariya [Eli, Eli] - Regina Spektor

I listen to this every night.

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8th August 2014

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Dear July,

-Yes - we’re already a week into the next month. But maybe it’s good to do a recap, because it turns out that two weeks of research into one week of crazy writing into half a week of unpacking and repacking into two weeks of holidays isn’t the best way to go for me. Not that I suffered or anything, it just made my brain confused.

-There was this huge build-up to the research course, and then all of a sudden it was done, and I had to get used to the idea of: this is that relaxing time you’ve been looking forward to!

-And that’s also the time when I dream of endlessly confusing university buildings, of group work (ughh) and all the things that I do. not. have. to. worry. about. right now.

-So about that holiday: Lesvos is a beautiful island and the temperature is great, there are lots of cats which is both sad and fun, and Dutch tourists are everywhere. We stayed at the same apartment for two weeks, which we never do, and I don’t really want to do it again, but on the other hand, we had a spectacular view of the sunset by the sea every night.

-A terrible thing happened with the MH17 flight. We followed the Dutch and international news every day from our sunny Greek island. It felt like we were there, but also incredibly far away, in a different time zone even (the difference is just an hour, but the sun set at like 9pm and it just felt really different).

-We discussed the accident with our temporary neighbours at the apartments - most of them were also Dutch. One man told to his fellow citizens that he loved the apartment because there weren’t so many Dutch people around. Is that what you’d call irony (am I asking the month of July a question now)?

-I don’t know why I didn’t mention it in the June post, but I bought a ticket for next year’s ATX TV festival and I’m super excited about it.

-Some TV notes: The Leftovers has been really uneven for me. The first episode made me cry, the second didn’t really impress, third was terrific, fourth and fifth - shrug, and then I really liked the sixth one.

-Masters of Sex - Fight. Watched it twice.

-I’m still catching up on Mad Men, slowly but surely. The season three finale was a lot of fun.

-Rectify is also just terrific.

-On film: I’ve seen The Grand Budapest Hotel in cinemas three times now. The third time was in Lesvos, open air, again basically surrounded by Dutch people.

-I watched The Act of Killing on Netflix, very intriguing.

-RE: the research assignment: got a 8,5 out of 10.

-Resolutions for August: look into voluntary work. Just finding out more about what’s out there and if I could make it work - or make myself work.

-Bye, July!

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5th August 2014


task division: if you can watch the kids, i’ll watch the television.

1st August 2014

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30th July 2014

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Carrie Brownstein by Ramona Rosales for Bust Magazine
Wardrobe: Gaelle Paul
Makeup: Toby Fleischman
Hair: Ashley Streicher
Manicure: Whitney Gibson


Carrie Brownstein by Ramona Rosales for Bust Magazine

Wardrobe: Gaelle Paul

Makeup: Toby Fleischman

Hair: Ashley Streicher

Manicure: Whitney Gibson

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