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28th July 2014


Before, I wrote in all the introductions of my papers, ‘The ideal experiment to measure the effect of this would be … ’ I just got fed up of writing about what the ideal experiment would be. Why don’t we just do it?
— I’ve been saving a thousand New Yorker articles to my Instapaper page (because, you know, the archives are open..) and also reading a few. Here's a profile of Esther Duflo, a development economist, which is what I'm majoring in.

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26th July 2014

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Clothes to Die For directed by Zara Hayes, a documentary about Rana Plaza disaster in 24 April 2013 leaving 1,134 workers dead and 2,500+ injured 

BBC recently broadcast ‘The Secret Life Of Your Clothes’, a documentary on the second-hand clothing market in Ghana (where tons of charity shop-donated items end up), and this documentary on the survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse. I watched both on iPlayer yesterday, it made for a very intriguing double feature. If you have access to iPlayer (the MediaHint add-on can help with that) and have two spare hours I highly recommend them - two days left for the former and three days for the latter.

21st July 2014

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'Two Alarms' is the first single from Scott Spark's upcoming sophomore album, Muscle Memory. The accompanying animated clip was illustrated by Oslo Davis.

12th July 2014

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Thank you for um… well, for Kerwin

Thank you, Ray McKinnon. For Rectify.

8th July 2014

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Sandra Cisneros, “Eleven”


Sandra Cisneros, “Eleven”

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6th July 2014

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Kate Miller-Heidke retweeting Regina Spektor is pretty amazing to me

4th July 2014

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Megan Washington - There There (2014)

Looking forward to this! Awesome cover.


Megan Washington - There There (2014)

Looking forward to this! Awesome cover.

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2nd July 2014

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Dear June,

-It’s crazy to think thirty days can go by this quickly. We’re already well into July. It’s this weird part of the summer in which everyone is encouraged to act summery yet free time hasn’t arrived yet.

-What helps, though, is that I love what I’m doing.

-I’ve been in England for two weeks to do field research on charity shops. I interviewed people, tried to take in every detail of the environment as well as possible and took a few pictures here and there.

-All while staying at a woman’s house - a bright coloured, India-inspired house owned by someone whose first priority was to know my horoscope. I thought: you are a real life Orange is the New Black reference.

-It’s time to write now, to make something readable out of all these transcripts and notes. It feels a bit like I’m doing this giant puzzle while I’m not entirely sure what the final picture is supposed to look like. But it’s so rewarding to get to work with your own material, that you collected, based on your own plan.

-Speaking of Orange is the New Black: I watched quite a few episodes of that show in England. Thanks, Netflix!

-Orphan Black finale: hmm.

-Fargo finale: okay.

-I watched the first episode of The Leftovers today.. oh, no, wait, that’s not June.

-Resolutions for July: maybe apply to that one scary thing. Are you allowed to say “maybe” in resolutions? I just don’t want to put too much pressure on it.

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2nd July 2014


me, all the time: oh yeah I’d like to write or blog but I have nothing to write about

me, writing a report at the moment: oh god there’s so much to write about, where am I going to put it all?

30th June 2014

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I was hired by a religious group to do an illustration for their printed brochure.  They loved it, and I sent them an invoice. Two months later I hadn’t been paid. 

I called them, and their manager said they had prayed to God about my invoice, and He told them to use the money for their cause instead.

I waited a few minutes and called him back. I told him that I had prayed to God about it, and He said they should pay me. 

They sent me a check.

love this

30th June 2014


Favorite TV of 2014 so far

As we approach the halfway point of the year once again, I picked 5 favorite tv shows from the stuff that has aired in 2014 so far (in no particular order). I’m still amazed by the variety of shows that are available right now.

I was a bit disappointed by Orphan Black this year. Otherwise that could have been in the place of Orange is the New Black (which, admittedly, I haven’t finished yet). Veep was also pretty great, and Rectify is still airing - I definitely expect it to be in my top ten of the year.

My Mad Fat Diary was so moving, so honest. Darker than the previous season. I have a lot of thoughts on the ‘Not I’ episode and there are several notes in my drafts about this. Maybe I’ll write an essay about it some day.

The Americans was serialized drama at its best.

HitRECord on TV was heartwarming. I love the collaborative aspect of it and the sense that so many people are involved with telling these stories, big and small.

Fargo was probably the biggest surprise for me. I fell in love with it pretty quickly. Must say the finale was very different from what I expected, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Anyway, these were ten very entertaining, edge-of-my-seat hours. Looking forward to more work from Noah Hawley.

Orange is the New Black still tells heartbreaking stories about women who have ended up in a truly awful system. I haven’t finished the season yet, but I am loving most of it. The reason I picked this over Orphan Black is that I think the latter is losing itself a bit in all the plot developments, while the former is better at sticking with interesting character development. Or maybe just because I had to choose one. Who knows!

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21st June 2014


Still not entirely used to the fact that people drive on the left-hand side of the road. So I’m like: IS THAT DOG DRIVING THE CAR?! Which, unfortunately, no. They also used to have a cat cafe here so yeah the town is run by animals basically.

Still not entirely used to the fact that people drive on the left-hand side of the road. So I’m like: IS THAT DOG DRIVING THE CAR?! Which, unfortunately, no. They also used to have a cat cafe here so yeah the town is run by animals basically.

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19th June 2014

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Some news


I am going to wander off into a personal anecdote, but that is probably not the best thing to do on an article called “Some news,” so let’s just open with the news: I have accepted a position with Vox as the publication’s culture editor. I am so, so excited to be working with everybody there, who have been nothing but welcoming and fun to talk to in the interview process. Consequently, my last day at The A.V. Club will be June 27, which is next Friday. It was a tough call, but it’s time for something new. You can’t believe how sad I am about this, to go along with all of my excitement about going over to Vox. For someone not used to feeling things, it’s a weird time. 

Now it’s time for that personal anecdote.

Back when I worked at the newspaper job that ensured I still know entirely too much about Quark and CCI, two programs I will probably never use again, I used to read The A.V. Club daily and fantasize about working there. Man, I would think, they have fun jobs. If only I could write about TV there, I might finally be doing something I loved. 

And then, at a low moment, I wrote Keith Phipps out of the blue on Facebook, and he tossed me a few freelance assignments, and then I did work there. It was nuts. Over the years, I got to do some amazing things and work with some amazing people, and I am so thankful to everybody that made my time there as great as it was, to say nothing of all of the people who worked in my section who turned out top-notch work, day in and day out. To list them all would take way too much time, but I hope they know how much I appreciate all of them. (I’ll be doing a little reminiscence post about my AV Club time in a few days.) I leave the section in the more than capable hands of Erik Adams and Sonia Saraiya, who already have some exciting ideas on which directions TV Club should move in. 

Anyway, I bring this up, because a few months ago, I was reading the New York magazine profile of Ezra Klein that talked about his vision for Vox, and I had that same feeling I had at my old newspaper job (this time without the crippling self-despair, fortunately): God, I would love to work there. That sounds so great.

And in a few days, I will. 

Thanks for reading all of these years, whether you started at the AVC, or at The House Next Door, or, God forbid, at South Dakota Dark. I hope you keep reading at Vox, and I hope we all meet up again soon.

Sometimes I feel so incredibly proud of people who don’t even know me. Hope that’s not weird. Todd is one of my favourite writers - definitely favourite* TV writer. I also love his podcasts with Libby (and the Parenthood one with Amy Whipple). Guess this means that Vox will have a new visitor soon.

*I’m in Britain so apparently it’s favourite now, you know? It’s hard to make a choice when English isn’t your native language.

1st June 2014


Dear May,

- Sooo, 31 days. Pretty long if you ask me. You were probably, subjectively, the longest month in 2014 so far.

- I turned 20. I spent the day studying for two tests on the next day. Since my final high school exams two years ago, tests in May have some extra weight, I think. I actually got some weird nightmare about it! The infinite gonna be late but forever running to make it kind. Yep.

- Anyway, tests on the day after my birthday went really well. Got a 9,5 out of 10 for the second one. One of the professors went as far as sending an email about it to the best 3 students. He was really happy we did so well, I guess - but that had never happened before at university.

- He also wrote that “[his] door is always open” for us? And I wonder if I’m ever going to enter it.

- I’ll be in England in two weeks to do “research”. I don’t feel like I can call it research for real yet. Maybe once it’s done I will. But yeah, that’s going to be a stressful, interesting, fun and valuable experience.

- Which caused me to make other plans. I think I will go to the US at some point next year. I want to. And it sort of dawned on me that I can. I can go wherever I want because I’m so fucking privileged.

- I got a new laptop, with windows 8.1, and I already posted about that on Tumblr but to summarize: UGH. But like I said, I’m privileged. This is a stupid first world problem.

- Resolutions: June is basically going to be all about this England thing, so I’m just going to say: that research, doing it as well as possible, and being open to learning from it.

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31st May 2014


Díaz-Varela was not particularly big or strong, although he was reasonably tall, but nearly all men, or most, can dredge up strength from somewhere, at least they seem by comparison much stronger than us women, we are so easily frightened, all it takes is a single threatening or angry or immoderate gesture
— Yeah, this book was definitely written by a man. From The Infatuations by Javier Marías

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